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Topic: Altiverb for Windows XP

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    Altiverb for Windows XP

    Hello everybody,

    this is dj! from Audio Ease. I am the PC developer responsible for
    the XP version of Altiverb, our convolution reverb.

    You may have noticed that XP (VST & RTAS) versions of our (formerly
    Mac-only) Altiverb are out now. I hope I'm not offending anyone by
    the admittedly somewhat commercial nature of my post, but since some
    of you might be trying our demo I'd like to spend some time around
    here a bit to see how things go, answer questions that may arise,
    and help solve any problems you might run into.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (or just feel like
    chatting)--I'll be checking here quite frequently, but alternatively
    you can also post to our dedicated Altiverb forum at


    Thanks for your attention & hope you enjoy Altiverb,

    -- dj!
    PC developer @ Audio Ease

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    Re: Altiverb for Windows XP

    Do we need an iLock usb stick in order to test the Windows DEMO? I could find nowhere is info, so I assumed it didn't require.

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    Re: Altiverb for Windows XP

    No worries, you don't. The demo requires no authorization at all, only an install of the Interlok drivers. For the full version we offer a choice of iLok or challenge/response authorization.


    -- dj!
    PC developer @ Audio Ease

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