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Topic: Newcomer to Sound Libraries

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    Newcomer to Sound Libraries

    I am a newcomer to sound libraries. I have SIbelius 4 with Kontakt Gold player installed and I obtained a library of sound instrument samples. This library (about 15GB of data) is amde up of wav files of different sounds plus .nki files which refer to these samples.
    I am trying to load these samples into my Sibelius through the Kontakt Gold Player, but the program is asking for an .nks file rather than .nki ones. I'm completely at a loss what to do.
    Do these samples have to be converted to an .nks library file by some other program such as Kontakt 2? I know this is basic knowledge what I'm asking however being a newcomer any help will be extremely appreciated since I don't know how to proceed further.
    Thanks for whoever offers some advice!

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    Re: Newcomer to Sound Libraries

    I myself don't have the Sibelius software, but it seems that the player is designed to only load the instruments that go with its package. Otherwise, there would be no inducement to buy Kontakt- the full program. So you cannot use other orchestral instruments with a library-specific player program (like Kontakt player, or Kompact). Hope this helps.


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