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Topic: How can I enable DFD?

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    How can I enable DFD?

    I downloaded it and installed but it seems to not be on? Do I have to enable it?

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    Re: How can I enable DFD?

    Hi. Open up GPO or JABB. Hit the options Tab below the load button. When the dialog box opens up, you should see a section at the bottom that says "Direct from Disk Options". Hit the Active button, then hit reply. You'll have to reload your samples. If it seems not to be working, you might try adjusting the buffer size or cycle through the presets. Let me know if this doesn't work.

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    Re: How can I enable DFD?

    I don't see DFD listed there. I installed the DFD extension on my EWQLSO too, could that be a problem somehow?

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