Can someone please offer suggestions? I have a very slow internet connection (not broadband) and am using Safari on a Mac. I have to rather laboriously download the Orchestration course in order to use it. The way I do this is to safe the pages as web archives. Then I can disconnect from my internet connection and follow the course offline. This is fine as long as my Safari cache on my hard drive (User/Library/Caches/Safari) remains intact. If it does not remain intact, then I won't be able to play back the Flash exercises or see the scores.

My question: if I move the cached items to another folder, is there a way I can get the saved web page archive to access them? At the moment it searches in the default Safai cache folder.

thanks for any suggestions, and thanks again to those who have put the hard work into creating this course.

(ps I do have Dreamweaver 8, if it might be easier that way???)