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Topic: Help me learn from other's mistakes

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    Exclamation Help me learn from other's mistakes

    OK, here's the deal. Got this Pretty powerful IBM ThinkCentre M 51 8143 computer from TigerDirect. A refurb. Great deal, however it had all these bells and whistles I may not need on the same machine as Giga. Like ThinkVantage tech, updates, java plugin control panel etc. Before I got this Dell Dimension for internet, it served that purpose also, so I have all the internet stuff there too. I've since installed GS3 Orchestra and tried MOTU's 828 MKll until it flopped and I did an exchange for M-audio Audio Delta 1010 and Sonar 5 Producer Edition. I probably have somewhere in there a dll that I missed uninstalling! I've also installed a 1394 firewire card and upgraded the memory to 3.2 gigs. Installed 2 Western Digital 160 gig firewire external drives. By the way Bruce, thanks for the pros & cons of the Audio Delta 1010.
    And now the meat. I've read all the horror stories about uninstalling GS3 to do a fresh install of XP and the trouble re-registering. If this is truly necessary please enlighten me as to how. Particularly the order of installation that's most likely to give success. The only programs I plan to run are GS3, Sonar5, Chicken Systems Translator Pro, Nero, I believe the version is 6.3, and a wave editor yet to be named. The external pieces will be the external drives, the Audio Delta 1010, MOTU's MidiTimepiece AV connected to the printer port. ( for running 4 samplers if necessary) and a Kurzweil K2500XL for a controller. I think zZounds is shipping the interface and Sonar on Monday, next day air so I'm hoping to at least get a start on this quickly. It's crunch time for a project, a concert featuring live musicians and sequenced strings, harps, etc. I know I won't miss all these samplers and synth modules once I'm up and running but getting there is pure hades man! Being 57 sure does help when it comes to dealing with failures but I'd sure like them to stop here!

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    Exclamation Re: Help me learn from other's mistakes

    Please, somebody! Did the fact that I'm an old man scare you away or was that the dumbest question you've ever heard? Do I need to be more specific?

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    Re: Help me learn from other's mistakes

    Crunch time is not the time to do a fresh install.

    If GS is authorized on your computer already, you *should* be able to back up your authorization file and reinstall windows and simply re-authorize with that file with no troubles. That's been my experience, but others have had problems I hear.


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    Re: Help me learn from other's mistakes

    Bells and whistles...

    One of my big post-purchase lessons is that Giga likes its own space. It may not need its own space, but... it likes its own space... Bells and whistles may or may not get in the way of this. A number of folks here are running Giga on machines with (sometimes even lots of) other stuff, but many of my problems disappeared when I put Giga on its own bootable hard drive with nothing else but Cubase loaded on it (and everything else installed on a different bootable HD).

    On a related note, Windows "tuning" is very important. I followed the guidelines at http://www.musicxp.net/tuning_tips.php (which is now also referenced on the slightly-revamped TASCAM Giga-support site at http://tascamgiga.com/faq.html#Tips). I believe that Jon Fairhurst mentioned another site whose tweaking tips he employs, which you should be able to find in the archives with little difficulty...


    There is one app in the Nero suite, entitled "InCD," that is supposed to [cause you to] suffer from irreconcilable differences with Giga. I'm not sure whether the other Nero apps are problematic (InCD is explicitly mentioned in TASCAM literature, although the precise location escapes me at the moment).

    Fresh install...

    fizbin is correct about "crunch time" not being the best time for fresh installs of anything.

    If you decide to just un-and-re-install Giga, there used to be a utility called "GigaClean" which was the preferred uninstallation method. However, on p.41/42 of the "Change History" for versions 3.10/3.12, it says:
    Uninstaller Changes

    Uninstall is now more thorough. This new functionality replaces GigaClean. All folders/ registry enteries/files are removed from the system.
    • There is an option to leave both the QuickSound database and the user license information on the system. By default, this option is off.

    • There is one registry that remain for GigaPulse:
    o HKCU\Software\TASCAM\GPulse
    So... depending upon what version of Giga you have installed right now, you may or may not wish to locate and run the GigaClean utility (which, I think, is somewhere on the installation DVD if the version is sufficiently old). You may also wish to try setting the uninstall utility to not remove your license information -- I don't know whether that will be helpful as you try to re-install Giga... I have no idea what the significance is of that lone remaining registry entry. Hopefully someone else will chime in...

    I haven't had *that* tough a time going through the registration process... although you will feel any delays far more acutely if you are under external time pressure. I have tended to register over the phone, but I believe that you can do some or all of the process online: http://www.tascamgiga.com/registration/

    If you have to do it over the phone, your best bet is calling them at 9am PST, when they first open.

    If you are planning to do a full Windows reinstall, make sure that you have a proper Windows installation disk handy. Some OEM installations (e.g., my most recent Dell) are not accompanied by a full installation disk, but merely have a "recovery" CD. You don't want to get stuck.....

    Also make sure that you have your chipset/audio/video/network drivers handy, since you will need to install some or all of them before loading any apps. Hopefully TigerDirect has live tech support to help you through that process, if you need it (Dell is *key* for that sort of stuff...).

    If you search the archives for the word "Ghost," you will see how others here back up a complete hard disk image before starting any major projects... this way, if something awful happens, you can at least get back to where you started from...

    Good luck!!
    — alanb




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    Thumbs up Re: Help me learn from other's mistakes

    Thanks to both of you for your answers. You're absolutely right. I realize crunch time isn't the time to work your learning curve. I severely underestimated just how intricate a program Giga is. For that I'll pay. I did however, once I found out what I was dealing with; set my partner up with all the necessary tools to keep working while I try to figure this all out! He's old school too and well versed in composition and theory and manuscript paper is just another thing to him thank God! Meanwhile what I'll do is save all the info you've given me and proceed by the numbers as we used to say in the army. My greatest fear is deleting some necessary dll in an attempt to clean all unnecessary files. That was my main reason for researching clean install. Thanks Alan for all your insight. I'll never forget it was you who referred me here. By the way, crunch time for me might be just a little different. The show isn't until October 27th and half of it's done. I just like to have a window for changes and intangibles that's shrinking! I remember years ago doing studio work with the likes of Billy Joe Royal and Joe South you'd walk into the studio, get one practice take and it was on. Wish I could do that here! This time I'm writing for college music directors, former high school music teachers and some semi-pros, some of whom have never had any studio time. It's different to say the least. If I can slam dunk this, I get a commercial deal for some years. So this bright light goes off in my head."I think Giga is the one for me to slam dunk this with". Head on collision at 60 mph. Thanks fellas. I'm trying. Keep helping me and I'll buy you all lunch.

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