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Topic: New server

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    New server

    I've built and deployed a new server which is home to the knowledge base, search engine and some GPO user personal sites. It's mostly working but there are still some non functional parts that I'm still working on.

    Please bear with me while I sort this stuff out. Would all the users who have sites hosted on this server let me now if they are having any problems and more importantly, if you can see a difference to the speed of your websites.

    Can I ask you all a favour? Please do some test searches on:


    and let me know how fast it works for you. After you do a search, just above the returns, you will see a results / page load time. I would appreciate if you could post these times. This will help me to evaluate how well the new box is doing.

    Thanks for your patience.


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    Re: New server

    Runs darned snappy, Tony.

    Large searches in small fractional seconds -- 0.12 for "Beethoven", for instance.

    (Hey, do stick my site in there when you get around to it.)

    Nice job on this!


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    Re: New server

    Thanks for the feedback David! Your site is now indexed (I thought I had included it before, sorry).

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    Re: New server

    I forgot to look at the timings but it was very fast with no waiting.

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    Re: New server

    Thanks Tony.

    I ran a few more searches, consistently in the 0.01 to 0.15 range... quite quick. Looks like you've got the performance on this really steaming.



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