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Topic: DFD EWQL Raid

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    DFD EWQL Raid

    Hello all,

    I have recently got my new system up and running (P4 Dual 903; 4GB Ram; 2 160 GB HD Raid 0 and Emu 1212m soundcard. I have set my paging file to the max windows allows with my current config at 4098.

    Everything was going wonderfully until I loaded up EWQL Platinum and had multiple instances loaded and I have pretty much left my default settings for DFD the way they were. I am getting a major issue with losing entire instances (ie. all strings or all brass) dropping out. Seems to play one or two seconds worth then stops and the red light for the dfd will come on.

    The red light comes on even when playing back a sample on the keyboard with the song stopped which I think is highly odd. I can reload the instance but then it may shift to a different instance being the problem. When I load my songs it seems to load multiple empty instances and the problems start when I remove them.

    Is something corrupt? Should I ditch the raid and use 2 separate drives? My soundcard and system are all up to date.


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    Re: DFD EWQL Raid

    I'm afraid I don't have EWQLSO, but I know that the instructions for RA say to switch off hyperthreading for best results with the DFD extension. Have you got HT switched on at the moment?

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    Re: DFD EWQL Raid

    With anything over 1gb of ram, you dont need a paging file at all.

    Also, many pro DAW makers Ive spoken to have maintained that RAID is a waste of time for streaming samples.

    Due to the fact that your samples are buffering via the DFD, RAID doesnt really get a chance to work effectively.

    If you are streaming lots of large audio files, RAID can be very useful.

    I have a single 200gb Seagate IDE drive in a dual 3ghz Xeon machine, 4gb of ram.

    My sample drive has never, ever raised a sweat.

    Sorry, I dont mean to sound negative, but I see people install a lot of uneeded components in their DAWs, wasting money in the process.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: DFD EWQL Raid

    It could be your Raid if it is not configured properly or if it is software based. Also, you might try lowering your dfd settings, check your record sample rates and latency settings.

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    Re: DFD EWQL Raid

    I will have to check on the HyperThreading - I believe its on and I saw a not on the Steinberg site that it should be turned off but that you would have to reload windows to load the appropriate hardware profile.

    I think I will ditch the raid and go with my 2 separate drives as suggested so unfortunately I have a lot of work ahead of me after just getting everything set up...sigh. Actually what I might do is spread EW over 2 drives and third drive for my OS as this is similar to how I had it set up before but just forgot how I did it. Since I use mainly sound libraries and not a lot of audio files I think multiple drives is the way to go.

    Incidently I did try turning off the paging file but my songs won't even load because I have too many instances of EWQL loaded.

    I may also get my other system upgraded so I can link them together via adat.

    Is anyone using multiple soundcards for increased polyphony and mixing them together externally?


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