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Topic: Possibly stupid DFD question

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    Possibly stupid DFD question

    OK I'm about to install RA. I already have the full versions of Kontakt, Intakt and Kompakt installed, as well as all the DFD extensions from the NI site. Do I still need to install the DFD extension for RA. The thing is that the extensions seemed to install to somewhere central, without asking where I wanted them, so I assume they replace each other when you install a new version. And I'm worried I might ruin things by installing an older version over the top of the most recent ones.

    Or is the RA DFD extension completely separate?

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    Re: Possibly stupid DFD question


    On a PC the DFD files get installed to C:\Windows\System32 and are named like this NI_DFD_1_2_9.dll. As each DFD version has the version number included in its file name you won't mess anything up by installing over the top.

    If you already have a library installed that uses the Kompakt player and have already installed DFD then you won't need to install it again as the DFD will be used by all of the installed Kompakt players i.e. You only have to install DFD (the latest is 1.2.9) once as all of the players will find it.

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    Re: Possibly stupid DFD question

    Thanks Paul.

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