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Topic: Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

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    Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

    Click the link below.

    Originally Posted by Garritan
    Microsoft has also just released its Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (beta) that is now Available for Download.

    It will let people know what hardware must be upgraded in order to get the best experence from Vista.

    Here is the link:


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    Re: Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

    Note that while I'm an active member of these forums, I'm also a Microsoft employee. These comments are my own, based on my own experience, but may offer better or more accurate insights or observations because of my "day job."

    Running this when you consider upgrading is a very good idea. This tool checks both hardware requirements, and software (although that list can never be 100% accurate) making recommedations.

    You should also check the web sites for the your software and hardware you use (or plan to buy) as some companies have specific recommendations. For example, Digidesign will make specific recommendations as to how to upgrade (i.e., install on another hard drive partition) and which drivers to use.
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