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Topic: Windows System should I build my own?

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    Smile Windows Audio System should I build my own?

    Should I buy my Windows PC from a big company, a specialist, or build my own?

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    Re: Windows System should I build my own?

    I'm a member of these forums, but I'm also a Microsoft employee. In this case I have some insight and want to help forumites make the right decision, but I can't really make the decision for you. Anyway, here goes:

    That depends on how you want to spend your time...

    It is possible to save money and cherry pick the components to make your system run as efficiently as possible. This will take a number of things, the most precious of which is time. Combing forums like this for user opinions on hardware and software is one way to do this. I enjoy doing this, but not everyone does (and I always buy my PC's for work, not build them).

    Or you can buy a PC from a company that that specifializes in Windows Audio. You'll probably pay a bit more than if you assembled it yourself, but the time and hassle you save (unless you do this all the time or enjoy the challenge) will be worth the extra money. In most cases these companies include recovery software, specialized settings, and other value-adds.

    I would recommend talking to your favorite pro-audio dealer, checking forums like this, and talking to the company or its representatives.
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    Pat Azzarello

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    Re: Windows System should I build my own?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    Will building a system for Vista be more complicated than previously building a system for XP? Are there any new wrinkles?

    Lee Blaske
    I think the biggest wrinkle is getting a video card that will take the pressure off your CPU (DXVA2 compatible), especially if you consider using Aero/Glass, the cool new user interface. If you don't mind traditional, opaque title bars and animation (which takes processing power) turning this off is easy.

    As always, make certain that your hardware vendors have drivers that work on Vista before you make the jump, whether building a new machine or upgrading. We (Microsoft) are still trying to get some of our partners to fix basic installation issues, which is blocking us from even trying these devices on Vista - bad news. This extends to signed drivers (required for X64 to use the hardware, and required for X86 if you want to play some of the new, highly protected content on your computer).
    Pat Azzarello

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    Talking Re: Windows System should I build my own?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    Sounds like it would be a good idea to wait until all the dust settles.

    Lee Blaske
    It could also be a good excuse to buy new/different stuff ("Honey, but it won't work with the new OS. I have to buy it. Really, this is the last I'll ever use this excuse.
    Pat Azzarello

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