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Topic: kick ~~~ brass

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    kick ~~~ brass

    based on the mp3 demo's, it seems to be what i may be looking for.

    any thought or opinions?

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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    I looked at this a while back; the demo was impressive. I thought it was pricey, though. Never did find anyone who had actual experience with it.... the guys on another board blew it off... I'd be interested if anyone here could tell us about it.


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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    I have it, and I love it! I'm a trombone player of some 23 years and horn samples have been a sore spot for me. It's not perfect, but for Pop/R&B it's the best so far. The trumpet is a little weak in the higher register, but I find putting the sections together makes for the best pop section i have encountered. The trumpet is pretty organic sounding, and the saxes are good. With the right processing it can sound pretty dead on in a mix.

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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    Care to post some audio examples? I'm interested....

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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    Well, I don't have anything great. I'm in the middle of producing my CD and nothing is mixed, or even has the final vocal tracks, but here's one. Not sure how clear the brass is, but hopefully you can hear it well enough. The brass comes in about half way and goes to the end.


    I'm afraid I can't post just the brass, as I'm tied up. Sorry, I will if I can.


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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    Thanks Matt; much appreciated.

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    Re: kick ~~~ brass


    Nice tune. I really liked it. Yes, it needs mixing and mastering - but nice tune.


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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    Quote Originally Posted by mattdean
    Chorus = Corona's "Rhythm of the Night" ?


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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    Thanks Karma, yeah, I still have to sing the tune for real and then I have a great engineer mixing it on an API board with "dream" gear. Can't wait!

    Ohernie, Never heard of Corona's "Rhythm of the Night". Actually, neve heard of Corona

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    Re: kick ~~~ brass

    Quote Originally Posted by ohernie
    Chorus = Corona's "Rhythm of the Night" ?

    Yeah I was getting a Winwood vibe from it, but it sure does have the feel of Rhythm of the Night!

    Enjoyed listening, thanks for posting it!

    I like what you did with the horns, would the sounds still work if they were louder, do you think? Or do they need to sit back in the mix?

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