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Topic: GPO Studio won't load

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    GPO Studio won't load

    Hello, I recently re-installed GPO and have been having some problems since. I can't seem to get GPO studio to work.. it will open, but when it brings up a menu for Big Band or GPO, GPO is grey so I can't select it. Any reason why this may be happening? I'm using Mac OS 10.4.6 if that makes a difference. Thanks,

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    Re: GPO Studio won't load

    The only reason this would be happening is because GPO Studio can't find the VST version of GPO. Did you select the VST plugin when you re-installed GPO?

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    Re: GPO Studio won't load

    Thanks for the tip, it reminded me of when I first installed GPO. I had problems with it then, and it turns out it was because the vst file was installed in the wrong directory (it installed to the vst folder under my hard drive directory, and would only work if I moved it to the vst folder in my user account directory). Turns out when I re-installed it did the same thing. Thanks again,

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