hi ,

first , i'm really sorry for my english language but it's not my natal language so i'll try to write better that i can ....

I've just bought stylus rmx and it's seems that i have some little trouble to use it with my cubase se

i think that i've well installed it , cause , when i open cubase se , i see stylus in my vst list , so i can select it , and open it , and play it and :

what a beautiful sound !!!!!

but my goal is to use it without use the drag and drop to my desktop
( i hope that spectrasonics will think to cubase se users for the next upgrade) ,
but record it , directly , live , like i can do with another vst - absynth, d'cota or another .....

So like i've written before , at this time , i can't

- stylus is recongnized via cubase se
- i find it in my vst list
- i can open it and play

and when i play it , cubase's volume mixer recognize it

but it's seems that cubase 's midi don't recognize it and it's impossible to record it directly

so :
- is it normal , and i'll only utilise drag and drop via desktop ( that's not the more practical)
- i've not well install stylus ???
- i've forgotten something to configure - i'm a guitarist ( if you know what i mean) lol

thanks for you help

i'm in relation with spectrasoinics support but i think they don't really understand my trouble - my bad english language can be the cause ...