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Topic: Midi Thru?

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    Midi Thru?

    Is there midi thru on GS3? even a work around?
    Bryan h

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    Re: Midi Thru?

    What are you trying to do? A bit more info would be useful.


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    Re: Midi Thru?

    Hi Daryl,
    Thanks for your reply

    Here is the brick wall I face......
    Windows XP Pro sp1
    2.8 mhz Intel
    2 Gig ram
    Sound card ... M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (1 midi in and 1 midi out)
    Gigastudio 3 Ensemble (Latest updates this week)
    Native Instruments "B4 ii Organ" software synth.(Stand alone)
    Both applications are set to different audio outputs on the Audiophile 2496 control panel.

    Both of the applications are to be driven simultaneously from an external sequencer with Roland "MPU 401" midi interface which has 1 midi out.
    Right now I can get Gigastudio to run perfectly using the "Delta in port" from the sound card, but the "B4 ii Organ" will not receive midi.
    If I setup the "B4 ii Organ" using the "Delta in port" it will run fine but Gigastudio will not receive midi.
    My world would be wonderful if they both worked at the same time.
    I have tried replacing the delta ports with "Maple", and "midi overlan" with all their in's and out's to no success.
    I had all this running without any problems under Win 98se, and using GS 2.54 the B4 1, and "hubbisloopback", which will not run on Win XP.
    How would you handle this?
    Any further thoughts or comments will be gratefully received.
    "Kiwi" Auckland NZ

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    Re: Midi Thru?

    First question, how many MIDI in ports have you got?


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    Lightbulb Re: Midi Thru?

    There's a WinXP alternative to the 'old-school' Hubi's loopback app. It's called LoopBe and it's free (and rhymes as well ;-)). You can find it at www.nerds.de

    It installs a small driver that adds a new midi in and midi out port. These are linked together so you can route the midi stream between 2 apps.

    Hope this is of any help.

    Good luck!


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    Re: Midi Thru?

    There is a single audiophile "in" port :"Delta AP Midi"
    There is a fixed out port : "Giga out port1/control"

    I have tried "loopbe1" with no success ...
    Currently have "maple", "Midi overlan" "loopbe", and today I will download "Midi ox" ..... any other suggestions most welcome.
    What concerns me is that they all operate in a similar fashion, and just by trial and error I should have got at least one to work.

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    Re: Midi Thru?

    Well, I can't help you with a software recommendation, but as you only have one port in, then you need to be able to send this to a software router which has more than one port out. You then need to set the out from your hardware device for all in ports in the router and send the out of one (or more) port from the router to GS and one to your other instrument. GS in port (and other instrument) should then be set to none. I'll have a look at Maple to see how this is done if I have time.


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    Re: Midi Thru?

    Thanks Daryl, look forward to any result

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    Re: Midi Thru?

    OK, I don't think that it is going to work with Maple. As far as I can see there is no interface that will give you more ports, which is going to be necessary for what you want. LoopBe30 looks like a good candidate though. You need to have all ports in from your only MIDI input, but need to funnel this to more than one port in your software. As LoopBe30 has an interface I think that this should work.


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    Re: Midi Thru?

    Thanks Daryl, will post any result

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