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Basic Information and Rules
Special incentives are valid for up to 30 days after closing date of NSS/Bela D Media Group Buy. Each subscriber will receive information via email for downloading and special shopping cart links. Current LD users may also download GunslingerAD at the closing date of the Group Buy. Downloading instructions will be posted on the Bela D user forum.

Offer expires 06/30/06. Shipping will begin 06/30/06.
As stated, shipping will begin at the end of the GB date - 06/30/06. We placed an initial stock order by estimating the final amount sold. Therefore, those who have joined the GB in the final days, may not receive tracking information until this coming Wednesday. The holiday weekend may or may not be a factor as far as the US mail is concerned. This is just an ETA and a heads up! Of course, we and our duplicator are working diligently to ensure all orders are shipped in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your understanding and for your business.

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