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Topic: trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

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    trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

    hey! i use trilogy but i'm really confused with the rendering procedure cuz i read in a mixing book tht synths usually emulate a mono sound into a stereo by sending a slightly delayed signal in another channel.
    so as trilogy is a vst so shud we render it in mono or in stereo n wut abt other vsti's like atmosphere,stylus classic n rmx???plz help me wid this cuz i'm frm pakistan[asia]n we dnt hav the luxury of studying music..i'll appreciate ur help.

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    Re: trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

    Most of the acoustic and electric bass sounds in Trilogy would do just fine in mono. For the synth basses, I would listen with headphones in both stereo and mono and see if its OK in mono.

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    Re: trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

    while I'm not sure if there is a correct way to do this.

    I normally just listen to the track both ways. for me.

    The electrics sound great mono, also moogs too.

    If your going for more space like on the wide panned fretless, that axe sounds real nice panned out. taurus, etc.

    you'd really have to listen in the track & see what sits best.
    hope that helps at all.
    I almost always render atmo in stereo, sometimes not for an old school moog solo though.

    have fun


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    Re: trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

    With the noted exceptions, all of the basses in Trilogy are mono.

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    Re: trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

    so it means i shud render ac- n electric basses in mono while i can render synth basses in mono or stereo....n i shud render fretless in stereo?????rite......sorry but i'm a bit confused

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    Re: trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

    You can render in stereo if you like. Mono just saves disc space.

    The sound of mono rendering would be the same except for the few stereo patches. It's not too complicated. :-)


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    Re: trilogy[ mono or stereo]???

    thnx for ur help..now i can render bass without worrying abt tht mono/stereo confusion..thanx alot

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