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Topic: Which drive do I put Kontakt Library on?

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    Question Which drive do I put Kontakt Library on?

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice please. I have a G5 mac, Logic 7.1, Kontakt 2.1.1 with 2 internal SATA drives and 2 external firewire 800s. As all of us, your needs grow and libraries expand ( I've just bought RA) I am trying to work out the best possible way to have a smooth system. MY Kontakt library is nearly 100 gig and I am trying to decide whether I will have better performance if it was installed on my second internal drive or leave it on the external Firewire 800. Obviously all my apps are on the main system drive. Also secondly if I was to install it ( Kontakt Library) on my internal drive, I also use this drive for audio ( vocals etc...)...would that be OK? Would there be any conflicts? Or what about having all Vocal Audio on an external Firewire 800? It's just I hear people say that it would be better to have the Kontakt Library on the internal as it is quicker and better for streaming the big piano libraries...any truth in this?

    I'd appreciate some advice thanks.

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    Re: Which drive do I put Kontakt Library on?

    I recently moved most of my sample libraries from my 2nd internal drive to an external firewire drive. The verdict is still out, but I think it performed better on the internal drive. Only problem is my internal drive is only 120 Gb, the maximum that my older G4 supports. Someone suggested getting a PCI card so I can add larger internal drives. I might do that and keep the external just for backups.

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