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Topic: Morning Song

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    Morning Song

    Hi All!

    OK - I believe the song link is working now. Sorry for the confusion. I haven't posted in a while due to my busy work schedule. "Morning Song" is a draft for the beginning of a movement that I am going to pair with my "Dog Jack Trot" demo I posted a while back. I don't know if the transition midway works or not. Let me know your thoughts.

    As always, thanks for listening.


    http://www.thepunkduck.com/Morning Song.mp3
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    Re: Morning Song

    Just beautiful, Paula!

    It has a wonderful, open feeling to it, almost Coplandesque;
    a delight for me to listen to at this hour, with the lights
    low and admiring the dimly illumined woods outside.

    Lovely flow to this, all the way through, with that tender
    wind punctuation to keep it animated and moving forward
    in the beginning; then melded to the more complex textures
    of the latter, more rhthmic section. Great use of woodwinds in
    this; and very astute motivic handling.

    On that transition, it's almost there. I'd suggest either
    treating it with a softer but quickly rising dynamic across a retard;
    or perhaps another measure or so to slide into it with the winds
    blending rhythm.



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    Smile Re: Morning Song

    It's 2:00 AM, EST. I'm at work and my one and only patient is safely sleeping with her heart a-beatin'. . . .

    In about 3 hours, the sun will begin to show its wonderful self. It's a pleasant part of the day, especially during the spring/summer months. During this time of year the birds wake up with the sun and share their morning conversations. Chirping. Singing.

    And your composition seems to capture this peaceful time of day.

    Very lovely. Nicely composed. Nicely sequenced. More importantly for me, though, this music reminds me of the pleasantness of a peaceful summer morning.


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Morning Song


    This is very lovely - the mood and spirit seem to be very clear. The only comment I might make - and I emphasize "might" - is that the ostinati could perhaps be varied at times. I kept waiting for the harp figure to take off on a flight of fancy after all the repetitions. At the same time, I undersatnd that it works the other way, as well. Just a thought.

    Thanks for a nice way to get the day going!

    R. Pearl

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    Re: Morning Song

    Nice melodies, and some appropriately "ducky" orchestration in the last section. Enjoyed listening. Thanks!

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    Re: Morning Song

    All of the above, Paula. Very Coplandesque from the middle to the end. Great use of GPO and clean mixing.

    A very demonstrative piece depicting "morning." Enjoyed listening very much.

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    Re: Morning Song

    Very well composed! The music fits perfectly with the description of 'morning'. Lovely music.

    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Re: Morning Song

    Thank you! Thank you for your kind remarks! I agree with all your points. I think that I could save the transition and maybe the harp can help. I will work on a few things - thank you for the ideas.

    I also need to add a little percussion to beef up the end of the section before moving on, but I wasn't sure if the transition was working with the beginning so I didn't put the effort there, yet. Thanks for giving me the confidence to continue with it.

    Thanks for your critiques.


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    Re: Morning Song

    Wonderful piece, I really enjoyed your melodies! This one's a keeper. I really like your woodwind work. The overall orchestration sounds very nice and morningish. What really stands out to me are the melodies, beautiful and memorable, like a nice sunrise. Bravo! I love it! My only complaint is that it was too short, I wanted it to go on and on. But such complaints are good signs. Keep up the great work.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Morning Song


    I somehow missed this piece. How lovely! I really enjoyed this. Thank you .
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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