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Topic: Independence

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    I'm don Frank from Italy
    I use Independence sampler V 1.1. and Translator Independence edition (last version).
    I tried to translate from .nki format to Independence format but when I load the sample, Independence only plays the lower velocity samples.
    I tried to translate from .exs format and the sampler plays only when I release the keyboard note (note off)

    Can someone Help me?

    don Frank

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    Re: Independence

    Better you go to the Independence Homepage Forum, you may get an answer there


    :-) Jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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    Re: Independence

    Actually, forgive me for stating the obvious, but shouldn't you contact the manufacturer first if it involves that product??? They can help with your problem much better then anyone else, since they made the product.


    Getting this covered is easy, just check the Translator Independence Edition manual under Troubleshooting.

    Please submit the .nki file in question to Bug Reports www.chickensys.com/translator/bugreports - - zipping it up with the samples is better but not necessary. They'll look at it right away (this weekend).

    They've done lots of testing with Kontakt and Giga imports especially, so far everything has been OK, but Kontakt is modular and sometimes a litle dicey to convert. Any feedback just makes the whole thing better.
    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems, Inc.

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    Re: Independence

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    don Frank

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    Re: Independence

    hey Garth, how come your forum here disappeared without trace? An announcement would have been nice! I see there's now a forum at the web site, but it was really nastily spammed when I checked in there.

    I have a lot of patience for you & your team, but I've sent 3 mails to support about the same problem since the beginning of the year (!), with no response at all.

    Good luck anyway


    PS you could PM me if you wish ;-)

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