hi guys

here is the problem, i use nuendo and cubase

i am working on the animation short duration 1.30 sec there are lot of tempo and bar changes i have done
in sync but now if i want to do a change like from 4/4 to 5/4 tempo 110 the sync goes of the rest whole film
and if i use the time linear mode it dosent change but the placement of the bars change like if the event was starting on 1 bar it is shifted to
on the 4 beat of the 1 bar , than which become bit confusing if you wana do changes as u have lot of trcks to handle

so i there any way where if wana a do change in between whithout loosing the sync and and placement remain intact on the exact bars.

hope somebody understands what i written n wont firnd it confusing

really need the help on this

coz every time i face this problem

i do the music according to the scenes and do the even bar placements exactly on the starting point of the shot.

but than later when some changes the director want its get messy shifting each event carefully.

thanks in advance

plz somebody give me a solution