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Topic: Two RMX-Questions from Newbie

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    Two RMX-Questions from Newbie

    Hello everybody,
    I've got two questions relating to specific possibilities in RMX. I haven't got it yet, but soon I will. Hope I can express that properly since English is foreign language for me.

    Things will be quite easy, when RMX is on my system. As long as it is not, I don't understand exactly the following:

    First question: o.k., I can load different sounds from the browsers different sources/libraries into the eight Mixer parts. I've seen that in a Demo-Video, where the sounds of different parts were triggered by clicking them in Slice Menu Mode. Is it then possible to do the same thing in Groove menu mode, so I can play not only an Elements of just one Suite (and one part) on my controllers keyboard , but completely different grooves and sounds from e.g. Factory/User Multis at the same time?

    Second question: is it possible to change the kit of a groove? I didn't unterstand yet completely, how Kit Mode works. For example: I want to work with a groove from the Backbeat library, but decide to use some kind of electronic sound or something else for the beats instead of the the classical drum kit the groove comes with. Is there any possibility to use another kit for a groove

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Two RMX-Questions from Newbie

    Answer #1 Yes

    Answer #2 Yes, you can change the sounds of a groove. However, it is a more involved process than it would be with a "MIDI File Groove" type of product. There are several steps. A video tutorial is included with the product on how to do this.

    Remember that all the grooves in RMX/Backbeat etc are AUDIO loops, not MIDI sequenced grooves.

    But the RMX system does allow you to swap sounds even within these audio loops...which is part of the reason why it's so powerful.


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    Re: Two RMX-Questions from Newbie

    Good news, two more reasons for me to get it as soon as possible. I really like a lot of things about this app. Hope the procedure of swapping sounds is kind of intuitive, not too complicated...
    Thanks Spectrum.


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