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Topic: In search of fx-sample cd collection

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    In search of fx-sample cd collection

    I'm recording two albums this summer and need a decent sample-cd collection with "nature"-sounds (thunder/rain/birds/wind/wind blowing through the trees/water/sea etc....) Oddly enogh, I also need the sound of a marching army...

    I'm making two symhonic powermetal albums (yeah, thats right) so thats why I need these sounds... We're aiming for a real epic sound, sort of cinematic... Really looking forward to this...

    So, are there anyone here who can recommend a sound-fx collection that suit my needs?


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    Re: In search of fx-sample cd collection

    You might check out USB FX-Xtreme. It runs as a VSTi and the demos sound pretty good.

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    Re: In search of fx-sample cd collection

    Thank you for the tip! I'll check it out!

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    Re: In search of fx-sample cd collection

    I'm a huge fan of the collections of the Hollywood Edge. Alot of their sets are HUGE- and the prices tags to match, but you can sort through their collections and only purchase the individual CDs you need. Their sales reps are very good, too. And talk about a huge epic Hollywood sound...


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    Re: In search of fx-sample cd collection

    FX-Xtreme is great for spot FX in a musical context, no doubt. You may even use the background atmos, as long as they don't have "to tell the story", so to say - because they tend to be pretty short, and you have to use all kind of tricks to avoid obvious loops.

    OTOH - you have lots of useful audio-processors and synthesis-tools built-in, so you should be able to find a unique sonic signature for your project pretty fast; this is even more true if you don't have a post-production background, but follow a more muscial approach.

    XF-Xtreme is not too expensive, so it may fit your budget easier than the huge libraries.



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    Re: In search of fx-sample cd collection

    You might want to check out SoundDogs.com, where you can preview sfx, then buy only what you need. You can even specify which part of the file you want by seconds, as in: from the 11 second point to the 26 second point of a particular sound file. Price is reasonable and based on the sound and how many seconds you need. Quality varies from sound to sound, (generally excellent) but more importantly, you can take time to find exactly what you need and then buy just those sounds. I bought three sounds from them last week for about $15, and will be using them more in the future-

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