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Topic: Channels and Instrument problems?

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    Channels and Instrument problems?

    My two main obstacles now are 1. In CUBASE SX3 I have shown 16 Channels!

    In the Kompakt player having discovered now that I can get 8 Instruments in One Single Open Module.

    If I have to assign 2 Channels 1/2 to each Instrument in Kompakt to Channels 1/2 in SX3 and 2/3, 4/5 etc. How can I get up to 25+ Instruments or even more Instruments going because I only have 16 Channels in SX3?

    So at the moment as far as I can figure, I can only get MAX. 8 Instruments at 2 Channels each (Stero I guess?) per MAX 2 Modules Open?

    Sorry if I am dumb?

    Please answer in detail for me and not too technical if poss?

    Also if I may? -

    How do Symphonic Choirs, Symphony of Voices and Halion Choirs compare with each other please?

    Is Halion Symphony Orchestra worthwhile as I have EWQLSO Platinum already?

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    Re: Channels and Instrument problems?

    Midi started out with the idea that you could send note data down a single cable and direct that note data to any (or all) of up to 16 unique instruments. You'd generally daisy chain the midi cables between the synths and then preset each synth to listen on a specific channel (1, 2, 3...16), much the same way as you preset a station on your TV. At the time this was seen as more than adequate, as most synthesizers only played one sound at a time, and few people owned more than three or four of them. 16 channels was heaps.

    Things are a little more complex now.

    Some synthesizers can produce over 100 unique sounds at the same time, and are capable of responding on just as many different midi channels - which allows each of those sounds to be addressed uniquely. On top of that, we've moved from expensive monotimbral hardware synths in racks to inexpensive multitimbral software synths in VST plugins. Even so, the hardware analogy still tends to persist in most cases, which is why we still have a limit of 16 channels per midi device, even though Cubase SX can address many, many more than 16 channels at a time.

    The VST instruments you load into Cubase will generally only be able to respond on 1, 8 or 16 channels simultaneously. To increase the number of channels available to you, in most cases all you need to do is to open a second or third module of the plugin. So you might end up with a VST rack(F11) which shows 4 separate inserts of Kompakt, giving you 32 unique voices which can be addressed. Yes, it's slightly less convenient to switch between the 4 modules than deal with all 32 instruments in a single module, but it's not really that big a deal - especially as your settings are saved with the Cubase project.

    You must not confuse audio channels with midi channels. Midi doesn't determine whether an instrument's audio output is mono or stereo - that's done in the instrument itself. Midi simply says 'play C3 at velocity 64', and your vst instrument's settings determine whether that note is played by a mono bass sound or a stereo rhodes patch - midi doesn't care. Each instrument slot in Kompakt requires only 1 midi channel to be fully addressed - mono or stereo.

    Spend some time with Kompakt and Cubase. Start small - maybe with two instruments in Kompakt and don't add any more until you are sure that you understand the difference between the instruments' audio path and midi path. This will make your time with Cubase and Kompakt much more fun in the future.

    Good luck


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    Re: Channels and Instrument problems?

    Ok thanks for that,

    I shall Open a couple of Kompakt Modules and see what happens?

    Thanks again

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    Re: Channels and Instrument problems?

    Me again!

    Opened two Kompakt Modules but they only show the same Channel settings as each other, in lots of 2's


    I did try applying seperate Channels where I could but I got some sounds very faint as opposed to others which were quite loud?

    I checked Velocity levels and they are about equal but the 'sound I hear' as I said, some are very soft and others loud.

    The best sounding ones are the ones I set to the first groups of channels 1/2, 3/4

    I still don't understand I am afraid?


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    Re: Channels and Instrument problems?

    I think you're dealing with audio channels with those settings - not midi.

    Try this: Set each instrument in each module to channels 1/2.
    This makes every instrument appear in stereo on audio channels 1&2 in the Cubase mixer (which you'll see if you hit F3 - assuming Cubase is using the default keyset).

    You don't have to leave things like this - it's just a temporary way of simplifying things.

    Now you need to change the midi channels of each instrument within an instance of Kompakt so that they are unique - ie instrument 1 is receiving on midi channel 1, instrument 2 is receiving on midi channel 2 etc.,.

    Only the instruments within a single instance of Kompakt need to be unique.
    Instrument #1 in Kompakt instance 1 can receive on midi channel 1, and instrument #1 in Kompakt instance 2 can receive on midi channel 1 and it won't be a problem. The reason for this is that (in Cubase) when you decide where the midi for a track is going to go, you must first choose which midi instrument is to be addressed (Kompakt instance 2, for example). Once you've chosen the instrument, you have up to 16 channels within that instrument to talk to, although in the case of Kompakt the number of instruments/channels is down to 8.

    Now. To make each instrument in Kompakt listen to its own unique midi channel, you need to change a setting for that instrument on the Kompakt front panel.

    Load a patch and make sure it's selected.

    To the left of the instrument names, just above the group edit button, is a little icon which looks like a rough circle with five dots inside it. Most likely the word 'omni' will be written to the right of the icon. This is the midi channel select function. 'Omni' means the instrument responds to every midi channel that is coming in - not much use if you're trying to separate parts.

    Click on the word omni (or the number, if it doesn't say omni) and select a midi channel. You have just told your instrument to listen ONLY to notes coming in on that specific channel.

    You can do this for each of the 8 instruments you can load in this instance of Kompakt.

    You have to remember that to reach this this specific instrument from a Cubase midi track, you must set the midi output of the track so that it is directed to the correct instance of Kompakt, and to the correct midi channel for that instrument inside that instance of Kompakt. Sounds Komplex, but it isn't. Just add a new midi track, set it's output to the correct Kompakt module, and then set the 'sub' midi track output field to the right channel number.

    Cubase is a bit dumb in one area. If you load up five instances of Kompakt, they will all appear in the VST instruments list with the same name - eg 'Kompakt' - not Kompat 1, Kompakt 2, Kompakt 3 etc., So remember which one you left your clarinet in!

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Channels and Instrument problems?

    That's really great of you Rick,

    I shall attempt do to as you say and if I may, get back to you?

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Channels and Instrument problems?

    I did what you suggested and things are greatly improved!!

    I thank you again for that.

    I might be able to experiment a bit now as I 'think' I am getting a better grip?

    NB: 'I Think?'

    Again many thanks
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