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Topic: How do I install v3.12 from disk?

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    Cool How do I install v3.12 from disk?

    Finally got GS3 re-installed. Contents on external drive. Now I need to know how to install the v3.12 from a CD. Can no longer access the web from the Giga computer. Downloaded to disk from the Dell. What next?

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    Re: How do I install v3.12 from disk?

    I assume that you now have a file called GS3_Orchestra_Patch_312.exe on your CD???

    If so, so that's the program that you should run, installing to the same directory into which you installed the original version.

    [If not... what exactly do you have on your CD?]

    Hopefully that's all you'll need to do.

    You'll then have to register over the phone within the next ten days.

    At least, that's how it worked for me...
    — alanb




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    Re: How do I install v3.12 from disk?

    Thanks alan. I backed up my original license like Bruce Richardson suggested so that wasn't a problem. Yeah, I downloaded v3.12 to CD and one to a jump drive. Something screwy happened when I tried to tell it to move into Gigaland. Maybe it's something I did screwy! Just didn't want to try anything else before checking with the big boys! After a fresh install of XP and gettin' rid of everything that could possibly make a sound, Giga loaded perfectly and is playing perfectly with Sonar v4.03. The M-Audio Audio Delta 1010 interface is handling everything I throw at it from the midi perspective. I understand there may be some issues according to Bruce when I start dealing with audio but I'll deal with those later. Just downright giddy to be up and running since my ordeal with the 828! I'm now about to load the upgrade to Sonar 5 Producer and Chicken Systems Translator Pro so I can put these thousands of samples from my Akais and EMUs on the sample drive. Later in the week I'll load a wave editor. Don't know which one yet though. Suggestions? I'm leaning toward Soundforge, but only because of it's history. Man, if I hadn't come to this site I'd still be pulling hair and using manuscript and pencil. Thanks.

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    Re: How do I install v3.12 from disk?

    Man, I must've been suffering from computer burn or something when I asked this. That or just having a senior moment. Wonder if I'll ever be forgiven.

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