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Topic: Free Bowed Xylophone Anyone?

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    Smile Free Bowed Xylophone Anyone?

    The other day one of my students happened to bring a concert xylophone into the music department, so I quickly relieved him of it, pulled it into a small room, took out a Cello Bow, and, voila...one Bowed Xylophone for Kontakt 2.1.1

    I'm not about to try and sell it, because it has a few creaks (the frame of the xylophone was a little rickety), and was recorded using a cheap electret mic plugged straight into the on-board jack socket of my laptop.

    On the other hand, it's actually not bad. But it's 74MB even as a RAR archive, and I have no way of distributing it. Would anyone like to host it for a while?

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    Re: Free Bowed Xylophone Anyone?

    Now that's what I call musical creativity, I can't host it for you but I'd sure be interested to hear what it sounded like!!


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    Re: Free Bowed Xylophone Anyone?

    I'll host it - PM me



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    Re: Free Bowed Xylophone Anyone?

    You could also put it on one of the gazillion free file hosts like rapidshare.de, yourfilehost.com, sendspace.com and others. That way you could post the link here and when you feel like no longer hosting, you can delete the file from their servers. AND there would be no bandwith cost for you.
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