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Topic: new orchestral work

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    new orchestral work

    anyone associated with the Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, please do not continue. i may be paranoid, but this piece was written for the montreal symphony orchestra composition contest, and part of the rules require that the contest be anonymous, so please do not click the link below if you are in any way associated with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal
    International Composition Prize.

    OK, that being said, this is a very rough mix of a 16 minute work written for said contest. the structure of the piece is much like a piano piece that i posted a while ago that has two lines playing together in different time signatures. beginning with 3/8 over 1/4 and adding an eighth note to each time signature with each new section.

    I would love to hear what you all think, since i wrote it so fast and under such time constraints that i had little time to obtain feedback. all GPO sounds with some JABB percussion. again it's a very rough mix, i had only about a day to commplete the recording after the score was completed.
    my main concern is that it is too "tonal" for a modern orchestra contest, but then again, it was the piece i wanted to write, so i am not displeased with its tonality.
    If you have the time to listen I would very much appreciate any comments and/or criticisms, thanks for listening.
    here's the link:

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    Re: new orchestral work

    Greg, excellent work on this!

    Rather a large toccata for orchesta in the feel
    of much of it, appropriately intervened with some
    lovely contrasting slower material. I thoroughly
    enjoyed the rhythmic drive and variance of the
    piece, and the unflaggingly interesting develop-
    ment of it, the almost Coplandesque excursions
    in places.

    As you mention, this perhaps could use a little
    more time refining the rendering; but the music
    itself is... superb.


    All good wishes for success in the competition;
    this should most certainly be a very, very
    strong contender.


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    Re: new orchestral work

    thank you very much david. yes i want to redo the rendering. this is the recording i submitted, it was reccommended, but optional to submit a recording, so i don't think it will detract from my chances, plus, the GPO sounds without any tweaking are far better than any synthesizer with the most thorough midi manipulation.
    thanks again.

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    Re: new orchestral work


    Nice work full of energy and unexpected twists and turns. It really keeps the listener on their toes anticpating the next musical idea.



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    Re: new orchestral work

    thanks Gary, I appreciate the comment.

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