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Topic: Legal Action, and the long saga.

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    Legal Action, and the long saga.

    After some discussion about this in a thread that has been removed, (although i enjoyed the discussion on the merits of copyright), some interesting, and related, news on the BBC website today.


    Related to this and the issue of not only Digital Rights, but a lot of other legal challenges related to intellectual and artistic rights, the top prosecutor in Russia, was chopped two weeks ago, and is being investigated for corruption, with a dozen of his mates in senior positions resigning a few days later, and being investigated as well.

    That light's just come on at the end of the russian tunnel. I hope............


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    Re: Legal Action, and the long saga.

    Curious how many examples there are of the need for protection and oversight in a the marketplace... and yet to have so many argue for the virtues of a basically unfettered "free" economy.

    The progression of Russia's economy and politics is a very interesting model for the rest of us.

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