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Topic: The right soundcard

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    The right soundcard

    Hey guys I would like a soundcard that will allow me to record live with some of my compositions and I know it has to be either GSIF or ASIO compatible(I'm using Cubase SL 3).I'm currently looking at the PreSonus Firepod Firewire Interface with Preamps 24-bit/96kHz. This looks great asio compatible, enough in puts and out puts, plugs right into my firewire port.So I was just wondering what you guys think of this setup.

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    Re: The right soundcard

    I don't think the Presonnus offers GSIF drivers. THere was a Tascam firewire unit mentioned here before. MOTU came out with a small firewire unit recently.

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    Re: The right soundcard

    Short and sweet since my knowledge is just that. I too was looking for an interface for live. I initially tried MOTU's 828 MKll and had constant headaches. I could never get GS3 to recognize the drivers, even with a fresh install of XP. (See post by alanb) Their techs finally did answer me noting that there's sometimes conflict with the drivers and something or other but only after I'd already exchanged it for M-Audio's Audio Delta 1010. I won't recommend that one either because you said you're recording live. I'd imagine that would include vocals. According to Bruce Richardson, who had experience with it; you just might hear midi zinging along in the background on playback. That's really bad 'cause you can't re-do live! My application will be eight outs for midi only since the vocals will be coming through the main board only. So far though, it's worked perfectly, I imagine because there's a physical soundcard in the machine and a cable to the converter. Good luck!

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    Re: The right soundcard

    Echo Laylas work great. If you want a control surface with it, the Tascam FW1884 is very nice, and the 1804 is also nice, sans control surface, and with fewer preamps. The preamps in both the 1884/1804 are exceptionally smooth for built-ins.

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    Re: The right soundcard

    Yeah man, I really wanted that FW-1884! Every review I've read about it said it was the bomb! I just didn't want to part with my 32 channel Mackie and don't have the space for both.

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    Re: The right soundcard

    I love this forum.Thank you guys for the fast and helpful replies.....I'm still confused though(sorry ).It says for the recommended GS3 system requirements "Either a GSIF-compatible soundcard or ReWire -compatible host application".Now Cubase SL 3 is ReWire 2 compatible and VST.So shouldn't I be able to just use an ASIO soundcard? But lets say I take the approach you gentlemen suggest. I have both GS3 Orch and cubase on the same computer.Will I need a GSIF soundcard for GS3 and an ASIO soundcard for cubase?Or just a GSIF card.I'm sure these are somewhat easy questians but I'm new to this (as you can see) so your help is much appreciated.Also this is the last item I'm looking at before I buy everything the computer,software,midi controller etc.Thanks again.

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    Re: The right soundcard

    The MOTU 2408mk3 looks great, sounds great, is GSIF compatible, and doubles as a mixer:

    — alanb




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    Re: The right soundcard

    I haven't had a lot of experience with many but I've researched quite a few. What I've found is if the card is GSIF or GSIF2, then ASIO or ASIO2 are usually listed as well. Such is the case with the M-Audio.

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