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Topic: Roomverb with Giga? Cubase SX2? Really Good?

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    Is Roomverb Really Good?

    Hi, all
    Does anyone know...

    Is Spinaudio Roomverb M2 REALLY a good, natural-sounding reverb?
    I don't want $600 worth of bells, whistles, and tweaking. Just the basics--but not cheapo-sounding. Is this too tall an order?


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    Re: Roomverb with Giga? Cubase SX2? Really Good?


    I took a good hard listen to the cheaper reverbs--on their homepage demos. Then I read between the lines of all the praise ("excellent--for that price...I'll use it on my laptop--ie, on the road, if I must").

    I decided to go with the heartbreak of steep price, as opposed to the heartbreak of awful "verbs." At least I got a steep discount with a once-a-year holiday sale.

    I guess once you've stepped thru the looking glass of software, there's no turning back.

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