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Topic: Tuning Problem. Help!

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    Tuning Problem. Help!

    Just re-installed Gigastudio 3 Orchestra with an RME HDSP9632 card (GSIF2).

    With the RME card, the tuning of the instruments in Giga are about a 1/2 step off now. I've check the tuning in Giga - everything normal.

    So I'm thinking that it's the card. Anyone know why this would happen, or how I can fix it?

    The previous card was a Wavercenter PCI card (GSIF1). I had no problems with that card.


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    Lightbulb Re: Tuning Problem. Help!

    Hi Deigratia,

    You could check the DDS settings in the 9632's settings dialog (click the 'little hammer' icon on the system tray next to the clock). Go to the DDS tab and make sure all three 'active' check boxes are UNCHECKED.

    If this is already the case then make sure that the keyboard that you're using to play GS3 via midi is not set to a semitone transpose.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Tuning Problem. Help!

    Your digital clock is off. Either you've got Giga set to 48k, and it's receiving 44.1k clock from some other source, or there is something set improperly.

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    Re: Tuning Problem. Help!

    Bruce, Rob,
    Made the changes you both suggested. Works fine now.

    You guys are great. Thanks for the info.


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