Not really, i'm kidding.

I'm having a Yamaha DGX-205 keyboard/Finale/Windows/Mac problem and need help, please.

This Yamaha keyboard has a flash memory where you can save stuf you play, and when I connect it to a hyperscribe session on Finale, it writes the score, but at the end when it is all in there (measure #148), I get a never ending hourglass in Windows or the dreaded spinning beachball in Mac (Powerbook). In Mac, I have no choices but to force quit losing the score that was just written, in Windows it gives me the choice of closing and losing or leaving it in the never ending state where it is right now.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, know what could be wrong, or have any suggestions on how i can save it since I have tried to write this like 10 times already.

At the top where it says Finale 2006c and has the file name it says "Not Responding" and under that where it usualle has File. Edit. View, etc., it is blank, they are no longer there.