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Topic: RAM issues

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    Question RAM issues

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    Im a real newbie to digital music production, and to this forum aswell . Ive been using the program Reason 2.5 for a couple of months, but I have rescently been trying out FLStudio. Im using a P4 processor at 1.2 GHz, but I only have total system memory of 256 MB of DDR SDRAM, and this seems to be giving me a slow performance. What sort of difference would it make if I upgraded to 512 MB? Should I go higher?

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    Re: RAM issues

    If you're using your computer for music purposes, i would say that 1 gig of RAM should be the minimum amount that you should have. You could probably get away with 512mb depending on which applications and samples you're running. But upgrading to even 512 you should see a big improvement in performance, though I still recommend 1 gig if you can manage it, that should keep you good for a while.

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