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Topic: Quirkle Nr. 2

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    Quirkle Nr. 2

    This is not what I was planning to write. But when I compose, I go at it with my whole being, forget to eat, sleep, feed the dog & cats, etc, Eventually I am quite exhausted by the activity of composing, and I must take a break or turn blue because my asthma is demanding attention. Such was the case when I was compelled to take a break. I was still a bit used up, so I did not return to my intended tasks. I found some sketches of this, finished it, and here it is. Perhaps later tonight I will tidy up the score with Sibelius. But now, the reliable GPO Steinway does it's job.

    Quirkle Nr. 2

    It is not exactly easy to play. But I surely expect it to bring at least a trace of a smile, especially after the mid-point.


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    Re: Quirkle Nr. 2

    More classic Wayland, and a fitting successor to the
    famous [well, I think it should be] Quirkle No. 1.

    For those who have not heard the earlier piece, see:
    Quirkle No. 1. As Richard said previously:

    Like rabbits, where there is one to be found, there will very likely be more.
    A fascinating listen as always, Richard! Thanks for
    starting off my morning with something intriguing.

    My best,


    Has a genuine quirkle-foot keychain...

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    Re: Quirkle Nr. 2


    Stop...take a break...eat...drink...breath deeply before moving on to #3

    As the man said, challaning!!!



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