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Topic: The debate continues.......

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    The debate continues.......

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    Re: The debate continues.......

    Well, if bunches of people start switching to Macs, then people may start writing virus' for Macs... and I certainly don't want that...

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    Re: The debate continues.......

    "Microsoft has pledged that the latest version of its operating system, known as Vista, will be its most secure yet."

    Oh gee, thanks.
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    Re: The debate continues.......

    Well I installed Windows Messenger Live the other day and proceeded to have a BSOD and restarts on boot-up. So I uninstalled it.

    So if thats a precursor to VISTA I think I might switch to OSX.

    Actually I have an older iMac but it is too underpowered and I don't use it very much plus that 15" screen can't compete with the 2 19" monitors I have on PC.

    But with Macs essentially being PCs with a better operating system it may be time to make it my main machine but I'm holding out for dual quad-cores.

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