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Topic: Spectra stuff is a blast !

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    Spectra stuff is a blast !

    Hope all had a perfect 4th

    I had a blast goofing around with this little jam, it's the beginning of a tune I'm sketching out. It features all 3 spectrasonic instruments mainly, the solo is a blend actually,done with gtr synth
    Nothing serious, hope you enjoy !

    Seems more I get into library's and soft synths the more I appreciate these great sounding instruments,


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    Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !

    Hey thanks for the input,

    I used two different synth patches from Atmosphere, one is the air pad, the other is a detuned moog patch but mixed very low, I think it's only on the first A section now, this is still a rough sketch so I'll try your mix suggestions as I shape it into a tune, as far as "Live",.... hmmmn? I dunno?

    The bass solo is sloppy, but fwiw was done in realtime triggered from the Guitar Synth. no quantize etc, I wanted to see how I felt leaving it sloppy at first.
    thx again



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    Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !

    I really like it!...Some very nice bass playing...Fwiw, I also like the bongo parts just like they are...To me it just sounds like they were double tracked and then split left and right...It held my interest through out...Good start!....moon

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    Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !


    All the percussion is RMX, I dig the way they sort of ping ponged across the stereo field, RMX is killer !
    all I did was hard pan the track in Nuendo.
    thnx again


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    Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !

    I forgot to ask...Is that a real rythym guitar?...Also, I love the spacey part...Is that atmosphere?...Not the pad sound but the harmonic pluck type sound? The guitar stuff reminds me of Bruce Gaitsch...Ever heard of him? He does alot of the dry strat/delay back ground stuff like in this mix...moon

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    Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !

    LOL !!
    Yeah,.. the Guitar is the only "real" axe on this,
    Bruce is great man!
    that's a compliment, thanks.

    2 gtr tracks- a dryer funk track, and then I did a texture track on the release that seem to fit pretty nice with the pad which is of course,....Atmosphere !!
    an Atmo pad, and a low mixed Atmo detuned moog sound-



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    Wink Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !


    I haven't listened to your project yet, but I'd just like to take pause for a moment and salute and encourage you to experiment... boldly and shamelessly.

    Music is an artform, and what sounds good to you is what defines you as an artist, and it is you who must define how your music is going to sound.

    So , Rock on!!!...write, rewrite, record, compose and keep on doing what your doing. It will hone your skills and broaden your horizons exponentially .

    Using tools such as those developed by Spectrasonics, you have done yourself quite a favor.

    In the end, do the unthinkable ...... dare to suck!

    In doing so, you'll probably discover someone truly worth getting to know...... your muse. ) Cowabunga!!!!!!

    Kudos for stepping up to the plate!!

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    Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !


    The Trilogy solo stuff played with MIDI Guitar is really excellent. :-)


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    Thumbs up Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !

    Great relaxed feel. Every aspect of the piece locks in and stays there. I also like the fact that you don't overplay but let the groove work with space and not a bucket load of notes.
    MotuHari--DP 4.61, Reason, Stylus RMX, Kontakt2, VGEE, GPO, Mac B&W G3w/G4 Upgrade, Keystation Pro 88

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    Re: Spectra stuff is a blast !

    O.K...One more question about the guitars....Not the dry one that is run direct but the other one...What's it running through?...I like the atmosphere (not the program ) it creates....Bruce used an old Ensoniq DP4 on some of my stuff for the atmosphere type stuff that sounded really cool some years ago....I've been trying to figure out a way to lay down some basic guitar tracks using the vint audio strat guitar library and the Guitar Rig plug in...It has some cool delay stuff in it...Even though I have the one lead guitar library (from a group buy on here )...I've decided to use a real player for the leads because I just can't program that good!...And last but not least, Is there a way you could solo the atmosphere (again not the program) guitar and post an MP3 of it?...I'm actually squinting my eyes trying to hear those licks...In case you haven't noticed I'm trying to learn something here ....Thanks again!...moon

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