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Topic: OT : Ipod +Book of orchestration (S. Adler)

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    OT : Ipod +Book of orchestration (S. Adler)

    Hi all,

    When I bought this book 2 years, I have converted all files in MP3(with an imac) and renamed them with their real names (those of the book). Today, I have an Ipod 20Go (and a mac mini core duo) and would like to import them in it. But problem, itunes dosen't recognize those name and call them "audio track 1", "audio track 2"... My question is :
    Does anybody know if a data base of this book in MP3 exist ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: OT : Ipod +Book of orchestration (S. Adler)

    I haven't a clue on your actual question, but here is a program that will move your filenames into the ID3 tags, so the Ipod will display it:


    Hope that helps.

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    Re: OT : Ipod +Book of orchestration (S. Adler)

    I'm not an iPod owner, so this is only a guess: get a mp3 id tag editor, and type the song titles yourself. Maybe the iPod reads the id tag if it exists instead of the mp3 file name, and the app you used to rip the Audio CD tracks wrote those names into the id tags (audio track 1, audio track 2...).

    I hope to have helped with this.

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    Re: OT : Ipod +Book of orchestration (S. Adler)

    Sorry, it seems like NeoDavinci and I were posting at the same time. So, I haven't said anything new.

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    Re: OT : Ipod +Book of orchestration (S. Adler)

    Thanks for your help Neodavinci and Zareone. Only to go on a PC with itunes and try...

    "and type the song titles yourself"
    Ok, but very tiresome because of the number of tracks...:-(

    Thanks again


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