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Topic: FREE Boom-Whackers from Bolder Sounds

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    FREE Boom-Whackers from Bolder Sounds

    Hello Folks

    As the next installment of the Bolder FREE Sounds series we have a set of Boom-Whackers in Giga 3, Kontakt 1 and EXS formats available for download at the Bolder Sounds site. The sample-set is 24 bit stereo and just under 4 MB in size.

    The BoomWhackers are a set of plastic tubes tuned to the notes of the C major scale. They are color coded and have the name of each pitch labeled on each tube. I believe these are intended for children as a "musical toy" type of thing. But they are also suitable for "bigger" kids as well ) These are intended to be struck on anything that sounds good. Unfortunately for my body .... the best sounding striking surface was my HEAD and my left HAND (the world of sampling is full of sacrifices). The HAND samples have a fatter tone while the HEAD hits are a bit more focused and sharp.

    While you're there ... check out Bolder's last release the Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy featuring a Cimbalom, Concert Grand and "standard" 2 course Hammered Dulcimer.

    Have fun!
    Dennis @ Bolder

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    Re: FREE Boom-Whackers from Bolder Sounds

    Very Cool.

    Thanks so much, Dennis.


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    Re: FREE Boom-Whackers from Bolder Sounds

    Thanks for the generous sounds. I actually downloaded all of your wav samples and made them into some nice IRs for Altiverb. Maybe not your original intention, but the kitchen sounds make great metallic impulses for sound design.
    Anyways - thanks.

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