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Topic: JBB freeze cause Sonar to crash

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    JBB freeze cause Sonar to crash

    have a P4 2.8 Ghz with 1 Gig Ram Sonar Producer 5 .. If I load one instance of JBB with 3 instruments and a few soft synths like M-Audio Bass and Drums or Key rig and B4 everything plays fine no droupouts, about 40 % CPU usage on sonar taskbar, but when ever I try to freeze or bounce ANY track, JBB or other soft synth as soon as the freeze/bounce is completed Sonar crashes . I can create a project with just JBB and freeze/bounce OK. I suppose my only recourse is to start adding soft synths and see which one causes the crash.. Although I didnt' have this problem till installing JBB. Now the other wierd thing is although Sonars CPU meter says 40 percent the performance meter in the Task Manager pegs at 100 per cent \while the freeze is taking place.. perhaps this is a SOnar issue..Any thoughts???

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    Re: JBB freeze cause Sonar to crash

    Have you tried un-checking "fast bounce" in the freeze options? Sometimes that solves a variety of problems. Worth a try. If that doesn't help, your idea of taking things one at a time to isolate the problem is probably the best approach. If you can successfully isolate things (in a predictable way) you might want to submit a bug report to Cakewalk with exact instructions on how to replicate the problem with specifics on the different virtual instruments you are trying to use simultaneously.


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    Re: JBB freeze cause Sonar to crash

    Thank you Tom for the quick response, and unchecking fast bounce didn't help, just made waiting for the crash take a lot longer LOL.This weekend I should have some time and will try my approach. I thought I had it narrowed down last night by loading the Lite instrument versions and disconnecting Soft Synths till M-Audio Bass and drums casued the crash, but the next time I repeated the experiment it was a different soft synth..

    BTW this program is fantastic. The depth of programming which allow controlers to emulate realism just blows me away. I compared my JBB horn tracks with previous projects recorded with my ROMplers and sample libraries and the difference is night and day . like having real horn players without all the hassles!!!!

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    Re: JBB freeze cause Sonar to crash

    I use Sonar 5 PE and have very similar specs to yours. I haven't experienced any crashes freezing JABB, even with a lot of other soft synths and effects going on. It could very well be one of the other plugs having a problem when memory gets low. (JABB does take up quite a bit).

    During a freeze, Sonar will take up almost all of your CPU power. Just something you have to allow for.
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    SOLVED!!! It was M-Audio bass and drums soft synth. Problems cleared when I unloaded it from the project. I opened it as a stand alone and was greated by an error message about a ASIO config issue. I ran its config/repair utility and accepted its settings. When I went back to my project with the crashes and re-inserted Bass and Drums no more problems, I could bounce and freeze to my hearts content. So my conclusion is the problem isnt always the newest software/driver etc.. I am sure it was a memory issue with the M-Audio driver config , only manifested itself because JBB occupied lots of memory
    thanks to all who replied

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