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Topic: Pastorale

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    Here is a new piece I am working on for orchestra. I am thinking that this is the exposition with a development and recapitulation to follow. Let me know what you think so far.


    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Pastorale

    Nicely done!

    There's a nice blend of voicing here utilizing the full orchestral range!
    The Horn and String sections were especially well rendered... very clear articulate.

    Nice arrangement!


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    Re: Pastorale

    Off to a fine start, here -- plenty of solid material
    to work with, some intriguing harmonic work, and
    the areas of contrapuntal use of line are quite striking.

    Looking forward to hearing the finished piece!


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    Re: Pastorale

    Great work. Your winds for some reason reminded me of Brahms. I hope that is a good thing for you. You have such peaceful and fluidic melodies. Hoping to hear more soon.

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    Re: Pastorale

    Thanks for the replies. I am trying to render a quiet mood. The winds are definitely Brahmsian with the sustained crescendos. I love the sound of horns and strings together. Makes for a triumphant yet reserved feel.

    I am trying to use only Finale 2006 and the articulations provided to create the atmosphere. I have only 'tweaked' the mixer controls on the Kontakt Player to create the desired result.

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    Re: Pastorale

    Nice work,

    At the start I thought I was going to drift away from it but it held my attention all the way through. Nice and harmonically active with some nice contrapuntal stuff.
    Great little horn breaks with tremolo strings in the middle...broke it up nicely.

    Liked it a lot;-)


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