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Topic: need help! Can't update GPO to

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    need help! Can't update GPO to

    I tried completely deleting any GPO files on all drives, then re-installing GPO from my original installation disks, checking to make sure I was still registered, then installing the GPO update. No matter what I do, when I check versions I get instead of I'm using a dual 2Ghz Powermac G5 with 3 gigs of RAM.

    If there IS a more updated version than, I'm particularly interested in getting it because I am thus far quite disappointed with how few instruments I can load into my recently-purchased copy of Pro Tools 7. After using only 4 instances of GPO, each with 3 or 4 instruments in combination with a few effects plug-ins built into Pro Tools, it chokes...

    Thanks for any help! I'm really hoping I can get GPO running more successfully after the update!
    Best -
    robjohn (D.D. Jackson)

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    Re: need help! Can't update GPO to

    - Robjohn (D.D. Jackson)

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    Re: need help! Can't update GPO to is the most recent. As far as choking in PT, NI products have never performed optimally in PT. Reduce the polyphony where you can, run fewer plugins simulaneously, increase your buffer. When all else fails it's time to render tracks to audio.


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    Re: need help! Can't update GPO to

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the reply. Any thought as to whether running GPO from within Kontakt 2 as a plug-in in Protools would somehow be more efficient?
    - robjohn

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