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Topic: V. Technical RMX Midi/automation question Eric/Glenn?

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    V. Technical RMX Midi/automation question Eric/Glenn?

    I am trying to setup a control surface to remote control RMX on my Muse Receptor. I'm having to use automation parameters rather than Midi as this is the way the Muse works.

    The muse downloads the first 4000 or so automation parameters and one can set up a control surface to remotely access all 4000 of these via Midi NRPN numbers. You can use the muse to tell you which NRPN corresponds to which automation parameter (or switch/control on RMX).

    For example:
    I can change the Tone/Master Filter slider by sending midi message
    B0 63 02 B0 62 7B followed by the new value via B0 06 [new value in hex]

    This all works fine and almost all the controls work fine. However I want to take it one step further to control which patch is selected via my control surface rather than with my mouse.

    There is an automation parameter I've found which determines which element of a suite is loaded. [I access it via NRPN Midi codes B0 63 02 B0 62 31]. So I can change which midi file is loaded and about to be played not by keys on my keyboard, but with a rotary dial on my controller. I then set up another control to mimic the play button and suddenly I can play/stop each of the elements of a suite with a rotary and a button rather than keys.

    And I've also found automation parameters that changes the suite and the directory highlighted (B0 63 02 B0 62 30 and B0 63 02 B0 62 2F respectively), which means with three rotary controls you should be able to select any suite/element in the whole RMX and expanders library (which would be cool from a remote surface - bye, bye mouse!). However here comes the catch. When I change these two parameters (directory or suite), the cursor on the screen moves as does the display of the available elements. (Eg if you were on Scuba Duba and you moved the suite control down, it would highlight Alice's dream and the elements on the right would change to all of Alice's dream elements). However it doesn't change the file in the midi selection on the left and hence playing the keyboard or changing the elements rotary continues to play elements from Scuba Duba rather than those from Alice (Even thought Alice's elements are the ones shown on the screen).

    It's like the equivalent command of the 'double click' on the mouse is missing. The patch is highlighted but it hasn't been loaded into memory.

    My question is what is the automation parameter that I need to change that effects this 'double click' and so the directory or suite that I've selected will load into memory.

    Any help with this will be much appreciated.

    Regards, Domc

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    Re: V. Technical RMX Midi/automation question Eric/Glenn?

    Sorry, the Stylus GUI and suite/element selection are tightly coupled. So, that's the one case in Stylus where you must use the GUI to edit the plugin.

    fyi, I think you'd be better off using the Midi Learn feature in Stylus rather than relying on the host's parameter automation. That has a number of advantages, including more control options, and you can get a report of all your control assignments.

    - Glenn

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    Re: V. Technical RMX Midi/automation question Eric/Glenn?

    Thanks Glenn for the quick reply.

    Unfortunately my hands are tied using it on the Muse as I think you're bound by their host system which limits it to automation rather than Midi.

    Re your answer, I'm surprised as I can get the element selection (and to play each element) to work fine via automation - and the selection of the suite works fine via automation as well - it's just getting the selected suite to load up which seems to be the problem.

    Oh well, I would add it to the request for future features (both for RMX and Atmosphere 2) that you can do away with the mouse and control everything via Midi/automation.

    Regards, Domc

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    Re: V. Technical RMX Midi/automation question Eric/Glenn?

    Also, I'd suggest checking with Muse. They've been promising support for Midi CC to plugins, but I'm not sure if they have it yet or not.

    - Glenn

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