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Topic: Sampletekk SG88 MKII Sustain Pedal Issue

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    Sampletekk SG88 MKII Sustain Pedal Issue

    Worra or anybody

    I am having a small issue with the Sampletekk SG88 MKII, GS3 version (Not sure about Kontakt as I have not tried it in K2 yet). My GS3 dedicated and tweaked PC is a P4, 2.8ghz, and 2 gig ram, Audiophile 2496 card w/GSIF 2, So I don't think PC is a problem. Here is my situation.

    I hear clicking noises and note repetition sound when I hold the sustain pedal down for a while. Lets say, I play a piece that require lot of polyphony, and then when I hold the sustain pedal down for a while, it sounds like somebody is hitting a random set of higher register keys in a rhythmic pattern, and this continues as long as I hold the sustain pedal down. This is not always a problem, but does happen enough to be a little annoying.

    I am trying to troubleshoot the cause. I have kind of eliminate my cpu power as a cause, because this does not happen with White Grand, Black Grand, TBO, or any other libraries, that are much larger and more demanding than the SG88. Even with the SG88 the CPU meter is well within the green range. I tested numerous other pianos, Old lady, gigapiano, Vintaudio C7, etc as well, and this does not happen in any pianos, including all the other sampletekk pianos. The one and only piano I experience this is in the SG88, so I am a little perplexed.

    Anybody else experiencing this, I would like to solve this soon, as I really love the sound of this piano very much. It doesn't stop me from playing, but it limits me a little, because once this happens, I have to delete the track and start over again.

    Any help, worra, bruce, anybody

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    Re: Sampletekk SG88 MKII Sustain Pedal Issue

    Anybody, any advice.


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    Re: Sampletekk SG88 MKII Sustain Pedal Issue

    I could not duplicate this in Kontakt 2 no matter how hard I tried.

    I have a similar setup to yours, except I am a AMD 64 3ghz and EMU 1820M


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    Re: Sampletekk SG88 MKII Sustain Pedal Issue

    Thanks Mike:

    I have not tried it in K2 yet. I usually have polyphony issues with K2, so I still seem to prefer GS3 for piano. The K2 scripting is nice though, but it just kills my PC. But I will soon try it in K2 to see if I have similar issues.

    I am hoping that I didn't lose anything during the download from Sampletekk. I may have to try recreating the giga file again to see if that may fix it.


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