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Topic: Smugglers Ransom & Aquila

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    Smugglers Ransom & Aquila

    Smugglers Ransom Theme

    Both are works in progress. I haven't been here in a long while, and have just started getting back into my routine again. I'll have to catch up on all the listening in this forum!



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    Re: Smugglers Ransom & Aquila

    Wonderful rhythmic undercurrent in the first half of Smugglers Ransom.
    The relatively sudden transition into the slow, lyric segment also works
    quite well -- difficult to do smoothly! I might suggest slightly less
    reverb on this: it might sharpen the articulations of the rhythmic
    work in the first half.

    The aquila.mp3 file is returning a 404-not found, however; and I
    was not able to listen to that.



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    Re: Smugglers Ransom & Aquila

    Hi, this is very good and professional. Perfect for a movie... very dramatic with lots of tension in the beginning. Great rendering too... I do at times hear a slight resemblance to a Batman Begins theme...
    Keep up the good work and please post more.

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    Re: Smugglers Ransom & Aquila

    Thanks for the comments. I'll work on that transition a bit more I think.

    http://chrishurn.com/Aquila.mp3 is the corrent address for the other one.

    Haha you're right about the batman begins reference - due to my intense ambition to become a film composer one day (right now i'm 17, i do shorts & festival films), I listen to a lot of film music (hans zimmer is my favourite), and at the moment my 'sleeping music' cd is batman begins. hahah, i better be carful!


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    Re: Smugglers Ransom & Aquila


    Two excellent works!!! I really like the styles of both and the orchestration fits them well, really delivering the goods. Thanks for sharing them.



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    Re: Smugglers Ransom & Aquila

    Thanks for the correct link to Aquila, Chris -- glad I
    didn't miss this.

    Great job on this one, too, wow... strong writing and
    excellent rendering, again. I really like the rhythmic
    handling in both pieces... quite well done.



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    Re: Smugglers Ransom & Aquila

    Thanks! Smuggler's Ransom is for a film where they already have a composer but asked me to write a theme. It's on the website now if anyone wants to check it out: http://www.smugglersransom.com/

    By the way, the voice over the high passage is my litle brother.

    Thanks for listening.


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