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Topic: Question about "Tune" control

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    Question about "Tune" control


    So I'm trying to tune my GPO harpsichord to Werckmeister III temperament. Since I don't have the full Kontakt player (which has this temperament as a pre-set, apparently) I decided I would load 12 separate harpsichords (it's actually less than 12, but let's say twelve for the sake of argument), one for each semitone, and then de-tune each one as needed using the "Tune" knob. I'd leave C as-is, tune C sharp -0.10 semitones, D -0.08 semitones, etc. (My reference is here.) Then, I'll split each note to its own MIDI channel and patch them accordingly.

    However, I'm having some difficulty getting the Tune control to accept my entries. I double-click on the numbers to get data entry, enter the number, say -0.10, and hit Return; and the control pops back to 0.00.

    I know it's possible to use fractional tunings; for example, the Honky-Tonk Piano multi. So, what am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? A limitation of the non-full version of Kontakt? Is there a better way?

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    Re: Question about "Tune" control

    The default is for the knob to click only in semi-tone increments. If you hold down the shift key while turning the knob, it will move in cents instead. I remember bumping into this and scratching my head as well.
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    Re: Question about "Tune" control

    Ah, I'll try that! I'd say I'll buy you a drink in thanks, but you live close enough to me that I'd actually have to do so.

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