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Topic: BOB Brass - trumpet

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    BOB Brass - trumpet

    I took advantage of SampleTekk's Group Buy to buy BOB brass. I haven't gotten much opportunity to put it through its paces yet, but I did write this on the first day of getting it. I am more interested in trumpet than anything else, though I am definitely interested in writing for brass ensemble.

    I'd be interested in opinions - I think it has captured a performance really well - I'm very impressed with it. But I have trouble hearing objectively to stuff I've written because I've heard it so many times and often can't hear when something sounds fake, despite being a trumpet player myself. I was careful with phrasing and breathability. I'm able to play very long notes myself and feel I could play this with the same phrasing, although a few more breathing spots might be worthwhile.


    It's just trumpet and JABB piano with some reverb.

    [Edit: sorry, this isn't JABB piano - it's the Steinway that comes with the Kontakt 2 bundled samples, sorry Mr Garritan... but I do like JABB's Steinway ]

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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    I think you've set yourself a monumental task by trying to capture something so sustained and exposed using samples. All those long notes really show up the limitations of the sounds much more then quick snazzy rhythms that can show off fancy articulations. It's not surprising that this is exactly the kind of demo that sample library manufacturers never release!

    It's a lovely piece. For me, the dead giveaway is the vibrato. How did you create it? I have recently bought BOB too and as far as I could tell there are no vibrato patches in it, only straight. So did you apply some process to the trumpet notes to simulate the vibrato? Whatever it is, I don't think it sounds realistic. I don't know whether you could tweak it to make it better, or whether you really need a different solution. Maybe something like SAM brass that has (I believe - I don't own it) recorded vibrato samples.

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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet


    I'm a trumpet player...and I think this sounds quite realistic. Yes I can tell in some places (the vibrato doesn't bother me...but there are not enough realistic breathing spots for one thing), but if this was background music on some TV show I don't think anybody would say "this sounds fake".
    I think you did a great job with the dynamics on this...to me the trumpet sounds more real than the piano actually...you know I bet Seven Seas would sound great with this .

    After hearing this, and considering the ridiculously low GB price, I might have to take another look at BOB Brass myself...


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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by Ouch that hurts
    It's a lovely piece. For me, the dead giveaway is the vibrato.
    How did you create it? I have recently bought BOB too and as far as I could tell there are no vibrato patches in it, only straight.
    For vibrato I used the LVT_demo script. I think Big Bob came up with this. I think the script is capable of much. It's probably just not in the right hands. Or it could be that it's reacting to the natural changes in the notes through the length of the sample, in which case, more care in application would probably do it. I hadn't really thought that the vibrato was bad, but yes, now I can hear its not so good.

    I agree that the trumpet sounds better than the piano, but in fairness, I think the piano sound is suffering from the wrong reverb here, and that's because I applied one convolution reverb on the output rather than giving each instrument its own.

    Thanks for the listen... I'd be interested in any more opinions - good or bad are equally appreciated.


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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    I have found BOB brass to compliment other more bright brass collections, like those found in KHSO Emerald.

    BOB Brass has a more slow, dramatic feel to it. Not as shiny bright as other brass samples.

    That said, I really like BOB Brass and have been using it for a while now.


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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    I thought that this was rather good Rich. Good Big Bob scripts....good samples and sensitive application and playing/programming.

    Maybe I should have got hold of them when they were on offer as they seemed to be excellent value.....this just proved it.



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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    Very, very nice Rich!!!
    Glad to hear ones samples used in such a great way.

    Yep, as Frank say, with the 50% discount, they are really silly cheap....
    $49 for the whole set, (trumpet, trombone, tuba and french horn), or $14.50 each. Cromatically sampled, all notes, all instrument sampled twice, so that you can double them. Lot's of special stuff. Hmmmm..... maybe I sell these to cheap...
    You can read more about BOB here: http://www.sampletekk.com/products.php?cat=38

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    Nice composition and nice mockup. I'm not really bothered by the vibrato either. Maybe more by some of the legato transitions. But, let's not forget this is all done with samples! Very nice indeed.

    I just wanted to add that I bought the BOB set a little while ago, and to me the outstanding instrument is the trumpet. I really like its tone very much, in fact better than some more expensive libraries that I own.

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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    Nice composition and nice rendition, although I agree that the vibrato is not exactly perfect. Maybe SIPS Vibrato (& Legato) Script would be great with this library? I'll soon know, I just bought it Thanks for pointing me in this direction. I never really noticed this brass library before - it drowns in pianos

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    Re: BOB Brass - trumpet

    This is very good music[something that can stimulate your feelings]. Don't get decieved by the argument of being real vs. sampled. Music is music, irrespective of being played live, or sampled...

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