Hello all,

I am having major issues with Cubase SX 3 on my new system (Win XP sp2; 2GB RAM, Dual core 9030, 3 150 gb HD). It seems that when I load a sampler Halion 3 or EWQL Kontakt and Cubase shows about 1.2 GB Ram usage in the Windows Task Manager...it crashes. It never uses the paging file I have set at 3070MB. I have tried disabling paging and playing around with the numbers but no difference. On my old XP system I could watch the Task Manager unload RAM as it used the paging file and Cubase would keep saying memory getting low - continue loading samples...but at least it didn't crash.

Any ideas why this is so? I have reinstalled windows, Cubase and even tried Nuendo...same thing? Hardware issue? I have even swapped out the RAM for new ram and no difference.