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Topic: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

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    Post VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    I am considerig buying one of the these two choir libraries, and was wondering whether symphonic choirs is very much better than VOTA? I am not sure I have the PC power to run symphonic choirs, and VOTA is rather cheaper, having said that I am aware it was the benchmark not so long ago, and wondered whether symphonic choirs was essentially an improvement of it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Should have said I compose classical choral music - unaccompanied motets such as Tallis through to Bruckner style masses!
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    Re: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    If you are looking for wagner-esque more dramatic choir - VOTA has that sound you hear among horror flicks.

    EWQLSC is a memory and cpu HOG and if you do not have a maxxed out system, or unless you have Kontakt 2 for good disk streaming, you are not going to get much out of it. That said, it is far superior and is as real as a choir can get. Both have word builders, but the one for EWQLSC is massively advanced and a program in its own right.


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    Re: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    if I might be permitted to guide the discussion a little away from the big two, are there any competent budget choirs (that means no more than $100US) for folk like me who needs something for occasional use?

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    Re: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    Quote Originally Posted by dko22
    ... are there any competent budget choirs
    That might be a bit of an oxymoron. EW Prosamples #13 is a budget choir sample library. I am not sure it constitutes a full library since it is a sampled collection of vocal textures taken from the "Classical Choir". But hey, its only $40 from B&H. I am obliged to state the obvious "You get what you pay for"

    Otherwise, you may want to wait for BelaD Giovanni Lite, although it is a childrens choir.

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    Re: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    since you're in Europe, have a look at bestservice webpage, they're distributors of lots of sample libraries here, and they have the Peter Siedlaczek's Extended Classical Choir for 99 € including VAT. It's not as complete as VOTA, EWQL SC or Symphony of voices, but it sounds good. You can have a listen to the demos at the webpage. It can be imported into Kontakt 2, and then you can use Theodor's TKT anti machine-gun effect Script (because this library hasn't repetition samples). It hasn't word building utility, but you can get some decent choirs.

    Hope it helps a bit.

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    Re: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    Thanks for the responses so far. My main reason for looking at VOTA and EWQLSC is for the word builder utility. I'm guessing VOTA is not going to be much cop for doing acapella motets akin to Tallis? To bombastic by the sounds of it!


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    Re: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    That's my impression too. I'd like to do a cappella mockups, style somewhere in between Tomas Victoria and Eric Whitacre. From what I can tell I have no choice but to save my pennies for EWQLSC (unless I write for kids choir, not likely).

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    Re: VOTA vs Symphonic Choirs

    There you go, you've given the clue to the choir's use. Writing for Tallis, et al, i would think the symphony of voices a better tone for early choral writing up to modern film. The suggestion to head for the best service site is a good one, as there are plenty of demos to give you a better idea.

    Can i suggest you think more about the tone than the price? If you buy based on only price, then when you want to head for a tune a little more demanding of tone, you may feel you'll come up short. I can appreciate you have a budget, but the difference between 100 and 300 dollars may end up less important than the huge gap in tone and user potential you'll experience.

    Good luck, whatever you choose. Using choir samples for Tallis (or Bach, Mozart, etc) is quite a challenge!

    As an addition to this, it may be worth checking out BelaD's Giovani children's choir. Frank and the team have including Latin language samples and given the music you've decided on, that library may be much closer to your needs. I don't know if the others you've mentioned have this added feature.



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