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Topic: RMX Groove Menu

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    Wink RMX Groove Menu

    I bought Stylus RMX a few weeks ago, and i'm loving every moment of it. It was fairly easy to pick up and the sounds are unreal! I have one main problem tho... something that I'm not doing right...

    As a preface, i'm running Stylus on Sonar Producer Ed. 5 and on a fast windows-based machine

    I've watched the video serveral times and I can't get this to work right...

    I'll get a good beat going in the mixer and assign parameters to the faders on my controller. When I press the All-Play button, I muss around with it til I got something good going. However, when I'm ready to sequence it, it doesn't play correctly.

    I make sure it is set to groove menu which is supposed to play the beat using one key on the controller. however, when I press a key on the keyboard, it only triggers one note (the first slice of which ever channel is selected i think). Once i get over this hurdle its gravy from there. I made up some funky user multis, but i just ant get them going right (and somehow i think running 5 instances to get the right sound is *probably* not correct in this situation )

    Thanks in Advance


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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    way different approach than I,

    have you tried,
    dragging the 5 individual files to your sequencer, & doing the editing/ automation there?
    try it,...

    all parts on their own midi channel, make sure that
    "groove mode" is selected for each RMX part if that's what you want for each channel, they can be different if you desire.

    i.e, sometimes I'll have part 1 be the " groove mode" and part 2 will the "slice mode" of the same part which enables fills and variations on the same sounds.--- just a thought?


    Now each channel will trigger the entire groove you have it set to in RMX.
    when you playback the sequencer,

    hope this makes sense ?

    have fun


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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    i really like the "live" feel when i'm composing. On other synths, i'll have a sound going while its sequencing and throw effects on it. From a demo on the DVD, it seems like having all the parts of a multi play with one key (or more keys, where each key triggers a different channel?) was possible, or maybe i'm understanding it wrong?

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    You have to remember that,

    different parts are different midi channels-

    in groove mode, one key-equals one entire groove-on one midi channel ONLY-
    in slice mode, one key-equals (one single slice) or hit- within a specific groove, still on only specific midi channel-

    can't you play back your composition and audition single RMX parts,... decide if it fits,.. drag it into the sequencer,.. now it's midi,.... edit it etc... move on to another part and repeat until the groove is the way you want it in your sequencer?

    Maybe I do it the hard way ?

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    lol, i don't think you're doing anythign wrong, I think I have a misconception of what the multi does. I thought that saving a multi makes it like another groove you can use like a standard RMX groove combo like 135 - Bamboo Combo for example. But it would seem that teh drag and drop is the only way to do it. (i was doing it that way, but i thought you can trigger a multi via the keyboard too) thanks much

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu


    Multi only means multi parts, saved as a, well,.... Multi ! lol;

    If you try out any multi you'll see the parts are channel discreet.


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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    fyi, you can trigger a multi from midi. Just midi-learn any midi button on your controller to the "All Play" button, and you'll be able to start/stop the multi with that button. A more interesting alternative is to midi-learn 8 buttons to the play buttons for each of the eight parts so you can trigger each part separately. That way you can easily bring a part in or out of the mix.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    OOO!!! GlennO you saved the day!!! thats EXACTLY what I was trying to do thanks much

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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    Just to get it right: am I right to suppose, that GlennO's method not only works with the buttons, but also with the keys of a keyboard or controller, since they also send midi to RMX? Or did I misunderstand the method?


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    Re: RMX Groove Menu

    You can only midi-learn controls, not notes. So, this method willl only work with controls like buttons. Notes will always play slices from the current groove (or grooves from the current suite if your midi mode is set to "groove menu").

    However, you can always take the eight grooves on the eight parts, add them to your Current Favorites suite, and then play them with notes from the keyboard by selecting Current Favorites in the browser and setting your midi mode to "groove menu".

    - Glenn

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