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Topic: studio control (switcher)

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    studio control (switcher)

    I'm looking to get a Presonus Central Station so that I can combine my studio equipment (DAW, POD XT Pro, Yamaha monitors) with my consumer electronics (DVD player, TV) so that they can share one audio system (the Yamahas). But the Presonus seems like overkill at $500.

    What I need:

    1. A place to plug in the balanced audio output from the POD XT Pro, which I'm also using as an audio interface for my DAW.
    2. A place to plug in a DVD player, preferably by spdif, but could also be unbalanced RCA.
    3. A switch for input source, of course.
    4. A way to turn off the subwoofer independent of the mains would be nice
    5. Master volume, of course
    6. A decent headphone amp

    The Mackie Big Knob is cheaper but doesn't give me the headphone amp.

    Are there any others I should consider? I guess I'm basically looking for a preamp that'll take both unbalanced consumer and balanced pro audio.


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    Re: studio control (switcher)

    Quote Originally Posted by amyhughes
    The Mackie Big Knob is cheaper but doesn't give me the headphone amp.
    Waitaminit. Yes, it does. How'd I miss that? I may have answered my own question.

    Anyway, are there others I should consider?


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    Re: studio control (switcher)

    Doing some more reading I have learnt:

    1. The D/A in the Control Station is reputed to be quite good, particularly for the price, so I'm moving this from a "would be nice" to "I really want" item.

    2. The remote for the CS is free at the moment (theoretically PreSonus will mail me one). I like the rackmount CS format better than the desktop Big Knob with all the cables hanging off it, and with the remote the CS form factor is even better.

    3. I may never know the difference, but the passive signal path of the CS is supposed to be cleaner.

    So, another $500 goes into the studio project...


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    Re: studio control (switcher)

    Thanks for sharing this conversation that you had with yourself....
    Please let us know how you like the Control Station if you get it ..I've also heard that the convertors are quite nice , expecially for the price ..Good Luck...Sincerely, Jim

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