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Topic: Symphony of Voices for Giga

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    Symphony of Voices for Giga

    Been away for awhile. Maybe someone can bring me up to speed on using SOV with GIGA. I have been looking for a vocal package and listened to the SOV demos........much cleaner and realistic than VOTA (albeit VOTA and Pete Sid's packs are also good)

    Since SOV is not produced for GIGA, how do you use the Akai version to play the samples.

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    Hello Larry...

    The GigaStudio's built in "Akai Converter" should work fine on Symphony of Voices.

    It will convert the samples into "Giga Format" and then your GigaStudio will pick them up when you refresh your "Quick Sound Database."

    Yes, you're correct.... Symphony of Voices is a marvelous sounding sample library.

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    Talking Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    So Eric...when are you going to have a group buy (or even lower the price) for SOV?

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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    Yes a group buy would be awesome. SOV seems a bit long in tooth these days but they were done so well that they still sound great.


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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    Don't count on it.

    Spectrasonics' software is so much in demand, even after many years, that there is no reason to do a group buy or sale. If they were losing customers or needed a boost in sales, then yes, a sale or group buy may help them. However, when you have the reputation that Eric and Spectrasonics has, there is simply no logical reason. In fact, a sale or group buy would hurt, not help them.

    It's also a filtering process. Those that can afford it, buy it. Sounds terrible, I know. But, it is true. They may not even have thought or meant it that way.

    By the way, I hope I am 100% incorrect. I would love to buy SOV, but after buying EWQLSC and Giovani - Voices of the young, not to mention EWQL Silver - I just cannot see plunking down $500 more for choral anything.


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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga


    I went and listened to the EWQL demos and I gotta tell you I wasn't impressed (could just be the demos).....I think SOV sounds much better. Consdering SOV is about 8 years old they were definitely on to something. Of course this is just my opinion.


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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    I don't own QLSC but judging from the demos you could not possibly do in SOV what you can do in QLSC. It seems to me you could do anything in QL that could be done in SOV though.

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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    Quote Originally Posted by karmacomposer
    Spectrasonics' software is so much in demand, even after many years, that there is no reason to do a group buy or sale.
    Well... At the current price, I'm simply not interested. Ever. With a 50% Group Buy, I'm probably a customer. The choice is between making $250 or nothing.

    I bought VOTA last year. Why? A price that brought it into my scope. (And it works well for my current projects.)

    It's up to Spectrasonics as to how they market their stuff, but I think they're leaving a lot of money on the table. Most of the people who want to buy SOV for $500 have probably already done so, but the mid-market is untapped.

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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    I agree with you Jon. SOV's price does seem fixed at 500, but QLSC is a grand US (even the edu price is still 500 if you can get it) so things like VOTA at 250 is a bargain, even if it has a few shortcomings.

    The whole sample business is out of control as far as I'm concerned, but I guess if money is no object...........Certainly isn't me


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    Re: Symphony of Voices for Giga

    One thing you guys are missing the point on:

    EWQLSC has a word building utility - that is the MAIN DIFFERENCE between SOV (a collection of samples) and EWQLSC - an actual choir at your control!


    Price is truly the determining factor here! EWQLSC costs $900 - and that is what I paid for it!!!

    Just in case you don't already know this: Bela D Media's GIOVANI - VOICES OF THE YOUNG - is also a choir at your control - for under HALF THE PRICE!!!

    You get a chamber and ensemble girls choir, boy's choir, solos, effects and random phrases (and sung songs as a bonus) and a windows application that lets them sing what you CHOOSE then to sing - and it works VERY WELL!

    I own this one and it is by far the best choir collection I have. Sits really well in the mix or on its own.

    Here's the funny thing - I CANNOT USE EWQLSC as it is - I have not been able to play a damn thing!!! I have a AMD 64 3ghz with 2GB ram and 1 TB of HD space and it won't work without Kontakt 2, and then barely well. I am pulling my hair out over it. I cannot return it and as of yet, I cannot make it do anything.

    Yet, with Giovani, it played perfectly out of the box. Software, samples and all - and it sounds like nothing you've ever heard before!!!

    Seriously, check it out. You'll want it the second you hear the demos! And to be honest, the product is better than the demos show!



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